The Youko Mattress

Youko mattress is covered by a 10-year limited warranty (the “Warranty”) from the date of delivery. This Warranty is not transferable and covers only the original purchaser who continues to be the current owner of the product.

This Warranty covers:

  • Deterioration causing the mattress to have a visible indentation greater than 2 inch or 50 millimeter that is not associated with an indentation or sag which results from use of an improper or unsupportive foundation or base. Normal wear requires that a purchaser’s mattress be continuously supported by a matching, solid foundation, base, or frame substantial enough to support the mattress.
  • Any physical flaw in the mattress that causes the foam material to split or crack, despite normal usage and proper handling.

This Warranty does not apply to and excludes:

  • Individual comfort preferences such as firmness, texture and feel etc.
  • Physical abuse, improper use or abnormal use such as prolonged sitting on the mattress’ edges, bending, folding, standing or jumping on the mattress resulting in damage to its structure and / or cover material, including but not limited to cuts, tears, burns, stains, or soiling.
  • Damage caused by using an improper base or foundation to support the mattress. Examples include a net type bed frame, a foundation of a different size or an uneven surface that provides inadequate support to the mattress etc.
  • Deformity or damage to the mattress cover caused by washing, drying or high temperature treatment and resulting in shrinkage or a change in shape.
  • Damage such as mould, discolouration, smells or bed bugs arising from poor mattress care and / or external environmental conditions.
  • Non-domestic use of the mattress.
  • Odour (some of the materials used in the mattress have a natural odour).
  • Minor manufacturing discrepancies or cosmetic flaws, such as slight uneven stitches.
  • Mattress dimensions within the accepted tolerance of ±2cm on the quoted size.
  • Usage outside of Malaysia.


Should you wish to submit a claim covered under this Warranty, please get in touch with us at support@Youko.com.my or +6018-6603799.

In case an identical mattress model or material is not available for a replacement, Youko reserves the right to substitute a comparable model or material, and any price difference shall be borne by the customer.

Repaired or replaced mattresses or mattress covers are subject to the same Warranty as the original mattress, such that its warranty term begins on the delivery / collection date of the original mattress that was purchased.