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All Youkosleep mattresses are designed to feel 'just right'; not too firm, not too soft, with strong spinal support and incredible comfort.

Youkosleep Lite Mattress (8")

Cushioning comfort and firm support in a lighter package

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Youkosleep Original Mattress (10")

Our all time favorite, memory foam mattress in a box made with premium foams for cooling, contouring and pressure-relieving support.

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Youkosleep Premier Mattress (12")

Our signature design with exceptional comfort and pressure relieving support.

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Youkosleep Lite Mattress Height
8" / 20 cm
Youkosleep Original Mattress Height
10" / 25 cm
Youkosleep Premier Mattress Height
12" / 30 cm
Foam Layers


Mattress Structure 2" Memory+ Foam, 2" Gentle Support foam , 4" High Resilient Support FoamMattress Structure 3" Memory+ Foam, 2" Gentle Support foam , 5" High Resilient Support FoamMattress Structure 2.5" CloudTech Foam, 3" Gentle Support foam , 6.5" High Resilient Support Foam
Firmness LevelAdjustable: Medium Firmness
(5-6.5 / 10)
Firmness LevelAdjustable: Medium Firmness (5-6.5 / 10)Firmness LevelAdjustable: Medium Firmness (5-6.5 / 10) 
Zero Pressure Memory FoamZero Pressure Memory FoamZero Pressure Memory Foam
Breathability:ExcellentBreathability :ExcellentBreathability : Excellent
Motion Isolation✓✓Motion Isolation✓✓Motion Isolation✓✓
Pressure relief : goodPressure relief : greatPressure relief : excellent
Removable & Washable Cover✓Removable & Washable Cover✓Removable & Washable Cover✓
Hypoallergenic & Dust-Mite Proof✓Hypoallergenic & Dust-Mite Proof✓Hypoallergenic & Dust-Mite Proof✓