Guide for Buying Less Common Mattress Size in Malaysia

Guide for Buying Less Common Mattress Size in Malaysia

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Mattress Size

Investing in a new mattress can seem like an overwhelming task. The mattress industry has grown significantly, and with that comes more choices than ever before. Not only are there many different types of mattresses to serve different body types and sleep positions but there is also a range of innovative features and options to consider.

In this article we would cover the less common mattress sizes which is suitable for most household in Malaysia.

This is a quick summary of the common mattress sizes vs the less common ones.

A summary of the common mattress sizes vs the less common ones.

Common SizeVSLess Common SizeRemark
Single size mattress
(91 x 190cm)
Twin Size Mattress /
Single Size Mattress
(96 x 190cm)
Super Single Size Mattress 
(107 x 190cm)

Single XL Mattress
(90 x 200cm)
Fit Malaysia IKEA
single bed frame

Double Size Mattress /
Full Size Mattress
(135 x 190cm)
Queen size Mattress
(152 x 190cm)

California Queen Mattress /
Super Queen Mattress /
Queen XL mattress
(150 x 200cm)
Fit Malaysia IKEA
queen bed frame
King Size Mattress
(183 x 190cm)

California King Mattress /
Super King Mattress /
King XL mattress
(150 x 200cm)
Fit Malaysia IKEA
King bed frame

Note : IKEA bed frame for Single, Queen and King are 200 cm in length, 10 cm longer than standard (standard = 190 cm). You could look for extra length (XL) mattress of 200 cm to perfect fit their bed frame.

In some cases, it’s not always clear which mattress size is right for a room. Here are a few factors to consider when deciding on the right mattress:
•    Consider how much sleeping surface area will be available (and partners if this applies).
•    Consider whether the mattress would leave enough extra room in the bedroom for moving around, hanging out, and relaxing.
•    Consider whether the size is worth the price. Don’t spend more on a bed than you need to. Rarely is a King necessary for a single person, unless just wanting to fill the space of a room.

Still not sure which mattress size is right? Below we’ve put together details on each mattress size to further inform that next big purchase.

Twin Size Mattress /
Single Size Mattress

Dimensions: 96 x 190cm

The dimensions of a Twin bed are 96 x 190cm. Outside of a toddler bed or crib, a single is the smallest mattress size available. It’s great for children, teens, or adults who are smaller in stature or who are working with limited space.
It’s not a recommended size for those sleeping with a partner.

Single XL Size Mattress

Dimensions: 90 x 200cm

It’s 10cm longer than a Twin/Single, but it has the same width. This makes it great for taller children or teens or for adults who are working with a narrow bedroom.

Full Size Mattress /
Double Size Mattress

Dimensions: 135 x 190cm

It has the same length as a Twin/Single mattress, but it is wider. A Full can be great for someone who sleeps alone and wants a little more room or for couples who are smaller in stature or only have room for a Full/Double bed.

Queen XL Size Mattress/
Super Queen Size Mattress /
California Queen Size Mattress

Dimensions: 150 x 200cm

This is a solid option for a single person who prefers extra space and has the room for it in their bedroom. It’s also big enough for most couples to sleep together comfortably.

King XL Size Mattress/
Super King Size Mattress/
California King Size Mattress

Dimensions: 180 x 200cm
The dimensions for a King XL size mattress are 180 x 200cm. That makes it the same length as a Queen XL but wider. A King XL is the best fit for couples or people who are taller and share a bed with their children. It is probably not necessary for a single person unless they are looking to fill up a very large master bedroom.

Is it time of getting a new mattress?

There are no hard or fast rules when it comes to swapping out a mattress. Durable mattresses made with high-quality materials will outlast cheaper ones, and the level of wear and tear a mattress undergoes will also be a factor in how long it lasts.
That being said, here are some general guidelines to figure out if it’s time to consider buying a new mattress:

•    It’s been seven years (or more) of pretty consistent mattress wear.

•    Waking up with stiffness, numbness, aches, and pains.

•    Getting better sleep somewhere else (such as a hotel).

•    Visible signs of overuse (e.g. it sags or has visible tears, holes, staining, or damage).

•    Being constantly tired despite getting a full night’s sleep?

•    The comfort and support isn’t what it used to be.

What to Look for in a New Mattress

Once you’ve decided to replace your mattress, what should one expect from a new mattress and what is the best mattress?
Here’s a list of things to think about before handing over the credit card for a new purchase

Comfort and Cooling
It is a pain to wake up in pain! No one should have to wake up on a mattress feeling stiff or sore. Also, no one should wake up drenched in sweat or kicking all the covers off overnight because your mattress isn’t breathing well. Of course, there is a little bit of an adjustment period involved in testing out a new bed. Take advantage of those trial periods and try something else if it doesn’t feel right.

Support and Neutral Spine Alignment
It feels best when the head, neck, and spine are in neutral alignment, no matter the sleeping position. Without this natural alignment, sleepers may feel stiffness or aches when they wake up.

Lifespan, Longevity, and Durability
For most people, a mattress is a big investment. That means it’s important to think about how long one wants a new bed to last. Mattresses made with high-quality materials and good construction will easily outlast cheaper options, which means it won’t be necessary to buy a new mattress as frequently.

Motion Transfer
For those who sleep with a partner, motion transfer is extremely important. A mattress that handles motion transfer well will ensure that sleeping partners do not disturb one another when they move around at night. Those who want a mattress with little motion transfer should consider something with memory foam. This material is known for cutting down on motion transfer.

Edge Support
Different mattresses will provide varying degrees of edge support. A mattress with great edge support allows sleepers to rest close to the edge and maximize the surface area. Poor edge support will leave sleepers feeling like they are going to roll off the bed when they get close to the edge.

No one wants to feel like they broke the bank for a new bed. There are plenty of options out there, so it’s possible to find something that meets one’s needs without going into debt, whether you’re looking for a cheap mattress or a luxury option.

Choosing your right mattress

Now that we know all the different mattress sizes and dimensions, when is time of getting new mattress, and what to look for in a new mattress, you may think, “How will I really know which really fit my need?”

At Youkosleep, we offer a range of 3 mattress sizes and 3 thickness options to cater to different needs and preferences - Single (96x190cm), Double or Full (135x190cm), Queen XL (150x200cm) in thicknesses of 8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch for optimal comfort and support, with the Queen XL size specifically designed to fit Ikea bed frames and accommodate taller individuals.

Made from CertiPUR-US Certified foam, safe and durable and are breathable, hygienic, zero motion transfer and incredibly comfortable - just like sleeping in a nice, cozy “hug”.

Just head over and own your online mattress, Youkosleep mattress, because here we believe that when you get good sleep, you live better life!